Kitty kad Token

Cute cat themed meme token on Kadena
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Tokenomics - 100M supply

Keeping it simple

50% Dex

Half the tokens will be used for liqudity on exchanges.
Initially 5,000 KDA will be put up in trading pairs

50% DAO

Half the tokens will be set aside for a DAO to distribute.
The goal is for the community to decide what's best



The DAO will be able to help fund projects for the community.

This could involve sponsoring new projects or rewarding usage of existing projects.


Blockchain can be a scary place. Not everyone understands it or Chainweb.

Having a cute cat token people can interact with could make it easier for new people to start learning.


The token will tie back to other projects in the Kitty Kad Ecosystem.

To help it grow, where possible the token holders will receive discounts and incentives

Details and news

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NFt holder perks

NFT holders will be able to trade the token 1 day early.
More information will be announced on Twitter / Discord

Supported dexs

A DEX will be chosen closer to launch

When launch?

Depends on market conditions as the initial KDA set aside for liquidity dropped in value.

support fund

5,000 KDA was set aside from other Kitty Kad projects to help stabilise token price